Recovery Santa Fe! is a network of people living in recovery from alcohol, drugs, and mental illness, our friends and family members, and the many organizations and allies throughout Santa Fe and beyond who support recovery as a living reality.

Our current focus is joining with our friends and allies to support the recovery movement, create events that celebrate and enhance recovery awareness, and acknowledge Santa Fe as a recovery supportive community.

On Sunday, 21 September 2014, we came together as a community not only to celebrate and have fun but also to acknowledge and honor the courage and dedication of every Santa Fean in recovery.

During the Celebration, we had:a FAIR with our Recovery partners, an Artists in Recovery Art Show, a Cookout, Workshops, Showings of the documentary, Anonymous People, and a Recovery Walk.

As Recovery Santa Fe! moves forward, we will:
have a bigger, better celebration next year on Sunday, 20 September 2015 and all the community building that leads up to it.

VISION: Santa Fe celebrates every person in recovery from the disease of addiction.

MISSION: "Make Santa Fe safe and welcoming for every person in recovery. Recovery is a journey that can lead to improved quality of life and personal growth.”

Let’s turn our attention from the face of addiction to the FACE OF RECOVERY!

We see recovery as the solution and intend to make that solution stronger throughout our community. We see those in recovery, especially our community’s leaders, setting the example for everyone still struggling with the pain of addiction.

We want to Celebrate, Advocate, Educate and Initiate Recovery!!!