Cara's Recovery Story.

Before I stopped drinking, I couldn't see through the darkness. I judged myself and worried what others would think of me. I drank at home, hiding from myself as I hid my alcoholism from others. Life seemed too hopeless and overwhelming until people showed me recovery is possible.

Today I have friendship and laughter, and I found a way to help people who are hurting. I work with clients at St. Elizabeth's Casa Familia, a temporary housing program for women and children.

If you are trying to understand what a sober life could be like for you, you might need others too.

Please join us on Saturday, September 22nd as recovery advocates of Santa Fe host the fifth annual Rally for Recovery from noon to 4pm at the Railyard Park Performance Green.

We welcome everyone in our community to share food, fun and games as we celebrate a life of recovery.

I understand it's scary to consider life without using. I hope you understand recovery is possible - and life can be fun. See you at the Rally.

Published by Bill Jackson, September 15, 2018

Wayne's Recovery Story.

I started using at 12 to escape myself and treat mental illness. By 15, I had been kicked out of military school, arrested numerous times, tried every drug I could and moved around to live with different relatives until no one was left. Finally in 2014, I was arrested by the DEA and sent to inpatient treatment and drug court program. This is when I found my turning point.

I discovered what it was like to be in recovery and what it was like to be in service to others as I continued to be in this path and found myself again. I am now a peer recovery coach and a student.

Since I got sober, I earned an associate in addiction counseling. I love what I do. I love working with others and learning new things by advocating for the recovery community. I love being in recovery...I have never been more content and able to deal life in life's own terms 'till now and it is wonderful.

Published by Bill Jackson, September 14, 2018.

Mona's Recovery Story.

Addicted to hard drugs at 16. My pregnancy was a wake-up call.

At Recovery Santa Fe, my daughter was with me. It changed our lives.

Lawrence's Recovery Story.

My name is Lawrence. I was molested sexually at 13. From then on I found alcohol and drugs...anything to hide the pain of my suffering. At 45, it just came out one day and my family were shocked. It all made sense to my wife as to why I abused drugs and alcohol.

I was asked to start a recovery meeting at my church. I am now helping others with addiction. Helping them really helps me. The grace and forgiveness that was freely given to me, I freely give to others suffering from this terrible disease.

Published by Bill Jackson, September 15, 2018.

Kari's Recovery Story.

These bags behind me are friends, family and more.

Writing their names out broke my heart. I refuse to be another statistic lost to addiction. I can be the woman God intended me to be.

Jenny's Recovery Story.

I am a woman in Long Term Recovery from Substance Use and Mental Health Disorder. I have not used substances, alcohol or had a debilitating mental health relapse in over five years.

Watching my parents crumble under the weight of drug use and mental health issues, has made me realize that stigma begins at a very young age. I have cycled through foster care, institutions and jails for most of my childhood until the age of 34.

I was finally given the opportunity to participate in a treatment court program instead of going to prison. This was a true blessing! During that time, I became a college student, a voter and employable. This program has saved my life!

My story served as a powerful example that we cannot arrest our way to addiction and mental illness. Today I am a forensic Peer Support Specialist, mother and Director of a Recovery Community Organization in my hometown. There is so much restoration and hope in recovery and I am so thankful to have made it out of the throws of my addiction and into this beautiful recovery movement that is so full of life.

Published by Bill Jackson, September 14, 2018.

Da Mone's Story of Recovery.

A story like many others..."sick and tired of being sick and tired".

I'm Da Mone and when I got sober I really didn't believe it would work this time either. I had attempted to get sober countless times before, only to relapse. The main difference this time, was that I had no options mentally. All of the excuses  to why I was not an alcoholic/addict were gone and I only had me.

A man whom had helped me many times asked: "What's the difference this time?"...I had no answer.

When I got sober, I had warrants for my arrest, anger problems and very little hope. I took the time to listen and follow the advice of others. I had to get out of my own way. I took it one day at a time and faced the reality of my addiction, including going to jail to clear up my legal issues completely sober.

17 plus years later, I graduated from school with a Bachelors Degree, got married and repaired much of the damage from the past. I have overcome legal challenges, mental health issues and refrained from self sabotage.

The 12 step program has saved my life and I continue to participate in this program.

I look forward to each day and have forgotten my past...but for the grace of God" there I go again. I still have days that are not cheerful, but that is not due to addiction. It's life's everyday problems that come with facing one's self and not succumbing to fear. Never did I anticipate the life I have now and it has been a journey of discovery, joy and challenges.

Published by Bill Jackson, August 22, 2018.



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